Via the online/mobile financial services tool Bud (not to be confused with the American beer that tastes like sheep’s urine), you can currently get 500 totally free Avios, simply for signing up.

free avios

How to bag the free Avios

To benefit, you simply need to download the Bud iOS app, or register for Bud online at Once you’re registered, you will collect 500 free Avios when you log in to your Avios account through the Bud dashboard.

Really, it’s that simple. 

The 500 Avios will be awarded to you within 10 days of you logging in to your Avios account via the Bud dashboard.

You will need to be a member of to benefit – you can’t use your BA Executive Club, Iberia Plus or Aer Lingus  AerClub Avios account. However, bear in mind you can transfer Avios interchangeably between all of these, by using the Combine My Avios function.

What exactly is Bud?

If I’m honest, I’d never heard of it before I saw this offer. It’s basically a way of storing all your financial and loyalty points accounts in one convenient place (I think).

In their own words:

Bud is a plug and play financial services platform. What that means is, we connect multiple financial products together in one place. Back in 2015, we wanted to give people the experience of using one app that could leverage all of the companies in the financial space. So, expect to be able to link your bank accounts, credit cards, rewards schemes, savings, investments, insurance, currency exchange services and digital mortgage brokers into one app“.

So, beyond the 500 Avios, it may well be worth a look.

Note that this offer ends on 4 January 2018, so while you need to bear that in mind, there’s still plenty of time.


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