About UKtravelpoints.com

Isn’t this just another “travel hacking” site?

Yes… and very definitely no.

UKtravelpoints will, of course, bring you all the latest deals, offers, hacks, opportunities, giveaways and points-wheezes out there in the travel sphere. In short, we’ll make sure you travel better for less.


We make it easier, and a lot more fun.

In addition to regular posts on the website, UKtravelpoints makes the experience that much more enjoyable and engaging. How? By supplementing our written content with informative podcasts, instructional video content, fully-functioning social media interaction and regular (“real”) social get-togethers.

The fact is, the points and miles game, and travel hacking can be great fun, but it can also be complicated, and sometimes even just a touch dull.

There is an entire audience out there that prefers to consume their media via podcasts and video. In view of this, UKtravelpoints will supplement our extensive online written coverage via various media formats.

Are you used to receiving a newsletter every week?

That works for some, but the team at UKtravelpoints will also produce a weekly podcast that outlines the best things happening in the travel loyalty world. Even if you do not have time to visit us online, you can have a listen and find out what you are missing and what you might want to further investigate.

Talking about booking travel and award tickets is nice, but how about some video tutorials to back up that written content? You will also find that at UKtravelpoints.

Want to discuss a recent article or video? Visit our FaceBook group to continue the conversation or start a new one.

No matter how you consume travel loyalty information, travel deals or hacks UKtravelpoints will have you covered.

We will continue to pride ourselves on providing instant and helpful responses to queries on articles on the website, but we’ll also be delivering (and responding to) content in a much more accessible way.

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