The Hilton Gold fast track has a colourful history, that have long-operated in something of a shade of grey. The good news is, the latest is far less grey than many before it

While the Hilton Gold fast track is usually aimed at employees of a certain company, in the past everyone has been able to sign up to them (and, if we’re honest, Hilton did not really appear to care that much). However, more recently, as part of an apparent attempt to protect the “exclusivity” of the Gold (and Diamond) status levels, Hilton have been requiring that you have an email address of the employee in question to benefit: see the Accenture example here.

However, a new Hilton Gold fast track option has emerged for customers of American Express Business Travel, which does not require you to have a specific email address or provide any other credentials and as such is technically “open to all”.

I’d say the ethics of this one are fairly straightforward. Become a customer of American Express Business Travel by downloading their (free) 2017 Global Meetings and Events Forecast, and I’d say you’re perfectly entitled to then get this particular Hilton Gold fast track.

What’s the Hilton Gold fast track requirement?

After signing up to the Hilton Gold fast track, you need to stay 4 times in 90 days to get Hilton Gold status.

Is Hilton Gold any good?

Yes, it’s fantastic: a huge step up from Silver, and really not that much of a step down from Diamond.

Benefits include:

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Space-available room upgrades and continental breakfast at select brands
  • 25% bonus on all Base Points
  • Complimentary Health Club access to hotel owned and operated facilities
  • Just generally being treated really well by Hilton hotels (outside of America)


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