Hilton has just launched a triple Avios promotion, giving you triple Avios on stays at Hilton Hotels between now and 30 January 2018.

Should you sign up?

Ordinarily, I recommend people collect “points and points” with Hilton (10 Honors points + 5 bonus Honors points per $1 spend). As I value Honors points at 0.4p each, that’s a better option, in my view than you get via “points and miles” (10 Honors points + 1 mile).

However, the triple Avios offer changes this calculation. You’ll be getting 10 Honors points + 3 Avios per $1 spend. Given that I value Avios at 1 pence each, your added value here is equivalent to 3 pence, versus the 2 pence value you get for the 5 Honors points.

So should you go for it?

Yes, probably, based on a pure value calculation. However, note that it will depend on personal circumstances. I have an Aviops mountain at present, but need more Honors points, so I’ll be sticking to points and points. But that’s me. If I had similar balances for each, I’d go with the Avios.

How do you register?

Sign up here, then make sure your earning preference in your Hilton account earning preference is set to “points and miles”, with BA as your earning partner:

The above is a screenshot from my account. If I wanted the triple Avios I’d need to change my “Earning Style Preferences” to “Points & Miles”, and my “Preferred Travel Partner” to BA.


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