I posted a few days ago about how you can stack two good Marriott Rewards offers to bag yourself a great Marriott Rewards offer: Pay for 2 nights = Get 2 Free Night Certificates. Getting Free Night Certificates is all well and good, but you also need to know where you can use them too – and finding that information isn’t as easy as you might think. If you’ve ever wondered how to quickly find a list of all the Marriott Category 1-5 hotels in a country or region, this is the post for you!

Why Marriott Category 1-5 hotels?

Whenever Marriott Rewards dishes out Free Night Certificates in its promotions, they are almost without exception limited to Category 1-5 hotels (occasionally they are only Category 1-4!).

Marriott Rewards splits all participating hotels into Categories ranging from 1 to 9. Category 1 hotels only require 7,500 Rewards Points per night, while Category 9 hotels require 45,000.

As you can see above, Category 5 hotels require 25,000 Points, so a Category 1-5 Certificate can potentially save you a lot of Points.

How to find Marriott Category 1-5 hotels

Easy – just use this link here, it should take you to a page that has all the correct boxes already ticked, allowing you to simply flick through the regions, choose which countries you want to look at, or even select specific Marriott brands to narrow down your search further.

You can also change the parameters to look at any Category (or combination of Categories) all the way up to Category 9, but the link above is by far the quickest way to have all the Category 1-5 hotels already laid out ready for you. Something that can be extremely handy if you have a Marriott Free Night Certificate burning a hole in your pocket!

Featured image: Roomers Hotel, Baden-Baden (Marriott Autograph Collection) is a Category 5 hotel.


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