One of the problems with securing great value Business Class is knowing exactly where to look.

The first obvious issue is that the great deals come and go, not least with the Middle Eastern operators like Qatar, Etihad and Emirates.

The other issue – a massive problem for some, a bonus holiday for others – is that to get the best value fares from the likes of Qatar you often have to start your long-haul flight outside of the UK (to swerve the massive UK taxes). While that can be worthwhile if it ends up securing you a sub-£1000 Business Class long-haul, it’s certainly a “factor to consider”.

Which is where Finnair come in.

Not only is the Finnair Business Class product genuinely excellent, it is consistently (basically, all the time) offered to a number of popular destinations at an extremely competitive price FROM THE UK.

That’s why, when I’m looking for a great value Business Class flight, I always begin my search with Finnair. Yes, I might then be able to undercut them with a Qatar special if I can make my way to Brussels etc first. However, for pure convenience (ease of finding the flight, ease of taking it) and value, it’s very hard to beat Finnair.

Some examples…

The standout deals with Finnair are currently:

  • Goa at £1399 return
  • Delhi at £1569 return
  • Bangkok at £1595 return

You can also get to much of China for around £1800 return.

The key point is, while these are technically time-limited deals, they will reappear pretty much as soon as they expire. A particular destination may drop off, or go up (or down) in price, but as a general rule you’ll have a huge spread of popular Business Class destinations, from the UK, at around the £1500 return mark.

Is Finnair Business Class any good?

It’s fantastic.

I flew with Finnair Business Class in June this year and was incredibly impressed. The hard product is superb, while the food was up there with the very best I’d experienced.

Another advantage of Finnair over the Middle Eastern carriers is you get the “proper” long-haul flight, rather than two “medium-hauls”. This is not necessarily to everyone’s liking I concede, but I’d far rather have a short haul flight and then a nice long long-haul where I can relax and really benefit from the flat bed, than a couple of flights of 6 or so hours, where sleeping can be tricky (or even counter-productive).

Earn Avios and BA Tier Points, too (should you wish)

Another point to bear in mind is that Finnair is a Oneworld member.

Therefore, if you want to earn Avios (and BA Tier Points) on a Finnair flight, you can do so.

For example, a BA Blue (lowest status) Executive Club member will earn a fairly whopping 15,078 Avios and 440 BA Tier points (enough for Bronze status, and with Silver on the horizon at 600 Tier points) on a Business Class return from London to Bangkok.

So, of course shop around, look at your BA options, your loyalty point options and your Qatar mega-deal options – but always remember that Finnair sits in the background, offering a well-priced and high quality Business Class cash option. 


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