Hilton Honors are currently offering a range of instant/fast track/ultra-fast track status offers, which we set out below. Given that the current opportunities include a couple of free Hilton Gold status options via fast-tracks, these are worth a look. Hilton Gold is a genuinely excellent mid tier status.

Free Hilton Silver status – instant application

free hilton gold status

With benefits including a 15% points bonus and 5th night free on reward bookings, Hilton Silver is a status worth having.

You can currently benefit from instant Hilton Honors Silver status if you visit this page and log in to your Hilton Honors account.

Technically, you need to hold a Krisflyer Amex card, but there’s no verification of that. 

Free Hilton Gold Status – ULTRA fast-track

free hilton gold status

If you haven’t received an email on the point, you may still be able to benefit from an ultra fast-track to Hilton Gold status. You can get to this this genuinely excellent elite tier in just two stays or four nights if you have a Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card, and sign up via this link.

Free Hilton Gold status – fast-track

free hilton gold status

If you don’t have a Visa Signature or Infinite card, this link will get you Gold status if you stay four times within 90 days.

Similar to the Silver option above, you technically need to be a Deloitte employee to benefit from this offer, but again no verification of this is carried out.

Hilton Gold status is a mid-tier status well worth having, not least because it includes free breakfast (and 25% bonus on points). In short, I’m lost without it, and strongly recommend you do what you can to upgrade yourself.