We flagged yesterday how the very well-regarded loyalty scheme of Heathrow Airport, Heathrow Rewards, was offering a bonus of up to 100% on transfers to airline miles.

In that article, we briefly flagged that they’ve also made certain changes to their Premium tier. Those details have now been released to us in full.

The new Heathrow Rewards premium tier benefits

At the risk of appearing slightly lazy, the best way to illustrate the relative benefits of the new premium tier is via the helpful comparison table produced by Heathrow Rewards, as follows:

What stands out?

The obvious, substantial benefit is the double points earning. That’s an instant 2% rebate on your Heathrow spend, ignoring any bonuses.

Beyond that (which, in itself, is a very solid benefit), I’m not enormously excited by the 150 points when you Shop & Collect etc. However, I do potentially also like the four free upgrades on the (15 minute) Heathrow Express journey, although I’m not quite clear which journeys will qualify (e.g. will the ultra-cheap advance tickets be eligible?).

The “Enhanced extra points offers, competitions and points conversion promotions” is also potentially interesting, if rather wonderfully vague at present.

How do you get premium status?

It’s straightforward.

Simply spend £750 or more in one calendar year (excluding spend at Travelex and Rocketmiles), and you’ll be upgraded to Heathrow Rewards Premium, until the end of the following year.


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