Via Hilton’s current 80% bonus on purchases of Hilton Honors points, until 29 December you can buy Hilton points and receive an 80% bonus.

hilton bonus

This is not a bad deal at all, and there is a way to turn it into a genuinely fantastic deal if you redeem your points cleverly.

What’s the deal?

Any purchase of 10k to 19k points will receive a 60% bonus, while any purchase of 20k+ points will receive the full 80% bonus.

The cost here, with the full 80% Hilton bonus, is 0.55 US dollar cents a point, or 0.41 pence a point.

Hilton redemptions (i.e. nights paid for with your Hilton points) start at just 5k points a night. While Hilton have now removed the Category system for their hotels (and the points required for redemptions), the former Category 1 and 2 hotels are, as a general rule, still available at 5k and 10k points a night.

Put simply, if you buy Hilton points with the current 80% bonus, that means you can get stays at these low category hotels for just £20.50 or £41.00 respectively a night.

But we can do better…

If you have any status with Hilton (even just Silver) you can get 5 nights for the price of 4 when redeeming Points, so 5 nights at a former Category 1 hotel would cost £82.00, or £16.40 per night (20k Hilton points). 5 nights at a Category 2 hotel would cost just £164, or £32.80 per night.

And even better…

If you book your Hilton points-funded stay via the Hilton app, you’ll get 500 Honors points back as a bonus (until 31 December). That means 5 nights at a former category 1 hotel will cost just 19,500 points, the cash cost of which is just £79.95. That works out at an amazing £15.99 a night!

Reverting to the maths on one night stays, if you buy points in the current Hilton bonus:

  • a former Category 1 hotel (ordinarily 5,000 points a night) will cost you 4500 points a night, so that’s still a very good value £18.45
  • a former Category 2 hotel (10,000 points a night) will cost you 9500 points a night, a fantastic £38.95 a night.

If you’re in any doubt as to how good value these redemptions are, just compare my “points-bought cash rates” above to the actual cash rates. 

The 5K Points standouts

Hilton still offer some surprising 5k or 10k point gems – just because they are in a low award category doesn’t mean they are bad hotels! In particular, a large number of Hampton hotels fall into the 5-10k redemption range. Hamptons are generally fantastic – comfortable and modern, with a very decent free breakfast included.

As regards 5k a night hotels, for me the pick of the crop in Europe is the Hampton by Hilton in Krakow which regularly charges over £50 per night, and gets 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor.

hilton bonus

(So you’ll pay £18.45, not £48)

More exotically, I’ve been fascinated for a while by the stunning looking Hilton Salalah Resort in Oman. Paid rates are often around the £100 per night mark, so by buying Points you can save a small fortune on stays there!

hilton bonus

(So you’ll pay £18.45, not £95 – and bear in mind if you turned this into a 5 night holiday, you’d pay £15.99 a night per the above!)

Back in the UK, I’ve used the excellent Hampton at Liverpool Airport a number of times: at 10k points a night, you can currently buy nights there for £38.95.

hilton bonus

(So in buying the points at £38.95, you’re avoiding paying a cash rate of £116. That’s a saving of £77.05 (66%)).

Anything to add?

Yes – if you’re not in a hurry, a better deal may come along soon-ish. Hilton do tend to run 100% bonuses fairly regularly, so this offer isn’t exceptional – but it still offers potentially excellent value on certain stays.

The bonus points offer runs until 29 December. You can buy up to 80k Hilton points in a calendar year, so the maximum you could buy in this offer is 144k points (80k plus 64k free).


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