Along with the likes of PointsHound, Kaligo is one of the new crop of “airline miles for hotel stays” websites.

kaligo bonus

In short, they offer you substantial amounts of air miles when you book your hotel stays with them. Airline loyalty partners include BA (Avios), Etihad Guest, Virgin Flying Club, Singapore Krisflyer, United MileagePlus and Flying Blue.

Bonus airline miles? A no-brainer surely?

Not really.

First of all, booking your hotels through a third party website (such as Kaligo) can result in you being denied any loyalty status perks you may have with that chain, including loyalty-points earning, upgrades etc. This is something I am very wary of with Hilton for example, who can be quite punitive where you book via travel agents etc. If you’ve battled hard to achieve status with a hotel chain, not having it recognised for the sake of earning a few bonus miles can be painful.

kaligo bonus

Equally importantly, you are very unlikely to find the cheapest rates via Kaligo. Indeed, the rates offered on their site are sometimes substantially higher than rates booked directly or via other online travel agents like, etc.

You’ll also miss out on cashback that you might earn on the stay via the cashback sites, which again can sometimes be substantial.

kaligo bonus

Topcashback is currently offering 8% cashback at IHG hotels, for example (save for Kimpton, at 3%).

No status benefits and more expensive… doesn’t sound great

It certainly doesn’t. However, there is an upside (and therefore a point to this post…). It can still make sense to book with Kaligo if the value of the effective rebate you’re receiving in miles/points is substantial. By substantial, we of course mean “outweighs the more expensive price and potential loss of loyalty benefits”. That’s obviously more likely to be the case when there’s a Kaligo bonus points offer on, and there’s currently a very generous one…

Until 27 November, you can earn a massive 50% miles/points Kaligo bonus when booking hotels with Kaligo.

Depending on the hotel and room rate, this could result in you getting a substantial haul of miles on your stay, which may well make the Kaligo route the most lucrative.

Clearly the choice is enormous and what works for you will depend on your circumstances, but by way of very random example, the Hilton Wembley will cost you £143 for a night in December, but it’ll also earn you an impressive 5,250 Avios, worth around £50:

kaligo bonus

At the higher end of the scale, the opulent Lanesborough will cost you a substantial £600 per night, but you’ll get a vast 21,600 Avios:

kaligo bonus

Bear in mind you don’t need to earn Avios, too. You can select from the various other loyalty schemes offered on Kaligo. Whichever scheme you choose, you’ll get 50% bonus miles.

How to benefit from the Kaligo bonus

To benefit from the 50% Kaligo bonus, you need to sign up here and then book on their dedicated Kaligo bonus portal here.

Key dates are:

  • Book your hotel stay between today and 27 November 2017
  • Check-in dates between today and 31 December 2018.

Note that the 50% Kaligo bonus is NOT a sign up offer – it is available to both new and existing Kaligo members.


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