We recently wrote a detailed article about Kaligo, and how you could (until 27 November) earn 50% bonus airline miles when booking with them.

While the bad news is that this deal has now expired, there’s good news for the Avios lovers out there. For Avios earning, the deal is now twice as good!

How to benefit

To benefit from the bonus Avios, you need to make a booking before the end 2017, and stay before 30th March 2018.

The standard Avios earning rate with Kaligo is 5-20 Avios per £1, During their Avios bonus promo, that is doubled to a very solid 10-40 Avios per £1.

Anything else?

Yes. Be sure to consider our full assessment of the pros and cons of Kaligo here, to determine whether this is in fact a good deal for you. It may work very well, but do not assume that it will, simply because of the double Avios.

In short, you are likely to pay more and lose out on cashback and loyalty benefits if you book with Kaligo. However, a massive haul of (doubled) Avios may more than make up for this – if it does, Kaligo is well worth considering.


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