I get asked a number of complicated loyalty scheme questions. However, one of the most common is a question where you would expect the answer to be very easy to find via official channels. Unfortunately, it’s not…

The question is:

When, having qualified for it, does Hilton HHonors elite status actually begin, and (assuming you do not then re-qualify) how long does Hilton HHonors status last? Technically that’s two questions, I know.

The answer(s) is (are) straightforward. In addition, depending on your exact circumstances, the position can also be quite generous. 

Having achieved it, when does Hilton elite status (Hilton HHonors Silver, Gold or Diamond) begin?

The elite status will begin as soon as you have hit the qualification threshold. This can be a little confusing based on the generally inaccurate Hilton “Elite Status Progress” bar in your online account, but it’s certainly the case. This is also true whether you qualify for Hilton HHonors elite status the “proper” way, or do it through a status challenge.

How long does Hilton HHonors status last?

This is the slightly more difficult to follow bit, but it’s still straightforward. Your Hilton HHonors elite status will last from the moment you earn it, and then:

  • for the rest of the calendar year in which you earned it;
  • for all of the subsequent calendar year;
  • until 31 March of the year subsequent to that full calendar year.

By way of a practical example, if I reach Hilton Gold elite status in February 2017, then I will get that status for the rest of 2017, all of 2018 and until 31 March 2019. That’s not a bad stretch.

How can I use this to my advantage? 

The key is to try and make sure that you qualify for Hilton elite status as early as possible in the calendar year. The best way to do that is to locate a fast track offer and combine it with Hilton’s regular sales (or  stay at a 5k or 10k points a night hotel. Remember Hilton reward stays count towards gaining status). A few weekend nights in January/February and you’ll be there.

The rest of the year + full year + 31 March timescale can sometimes lead to Hilton elite status seemingly lasting for years, and it potentially does. If you hit the threshold for elite status in January, for example, you will hold that elite status for a guaranteed 26 months.

Can you fast track me to Hilton elite status?

Yes. A fast track to HHonors Gold is here. You can earn Hilton HHonors Gold status in just four stays.

Are there any other ways to get easy Hilton HHonors status?

Yes. You can get instant free Hilton HHonors Silver status by signing up to the free Hilton HHonors Visa credit card.

You will also get Gold status when you spend £10,000 on the card in a year. You’ll also get a free weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) night at any Hilton Worldwide property (i.e. including Waldorf Astoria, Conrad etc) when you spend £750 on the card in the first 90 days – a fantastic initial benefit that’s very easily obtainable.


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