I am enormously cynical when it comes to Ryanair. However, this has lightened somewhat in recent years, principally as Michael O’Leary seems to take less delight in irritating customers, seemingly for fun.

ryanair rooms

My general view is if they work for you – go for it. People taking a stance over “not giving that awful company their money” are only likely to miss out on cheaper flights, and probably need to have a good long hard look at a number of the other companies they do give their money to.

Ryanair Rooms

Anyway, if Ryanair offer me value, I will fly with them. So it was with this in mind that I noted with some interest the offer from Ryanair’s hotel booking service, Ryanair Rooms, offering 10% of your hotel cost back in Ryanair flight credit.

ryanair rooms

It seems that this may, on occasion, offer pretty good value. 

If, like me, you will take Ryanair flights, it can essentially be viewed as a cash rebate. You’ll be spending money on Ryanair flights in the future, and this credit will just replace that.

So, Ryanair Rooms is one to factor in when comparing hotel prices. The 10% pseudo-cash rebate is a pretty hefty discount on your stay.

An example…

Clearly, you need to look at the options depending on your requirements, but the key message of this post is don’t rule out Ryanair Rooms, if that Ryanair credit is valuable to you, like it is to me.

Here’s three nights at a downtown LA DoubleTree by Hilton in July, for example. Ryanair Rooms are offering it at £610.77:

ryanair rooms

Hilton are offering it at (the GBP equivalent of) £608:

ryanair rooms

So, Ryanair Rooms will cost you £2.77 more, but you’ll get a Ryanair travel credit of £61.07. You then need to factor in the loss of status benefits, Hilton Honors points etc, but the bottom line is that the hefty rebate offered by Ryanair Rooms may actually make it a compelling booking option.

This is, of course, just one of the millions of examples out there. I strongly recommend that when you’re booking a hotel, you give at least a passing thought to Ryanair Rooms: it may just cover your next budget holiday.


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