While less generous than it used to be, the MyVegas app has long been a nice little travel hack for visitors to Las Vegas.

myvegas hippodrome

In short, it’s a slot machine app (together with the related Konami Slots and Pop Slots) that lets you play slot machines for free, to earn real rewards for spending in Vegas.

The rewards available

There’s a number of rewards available at a variety of different hotels, with free rooms, drinks and buffets available. You can even earn free passes on the New York New York rollercoaster, and the monorail.

myvegas hippodrome

But we suggest you avoid Vegas…

However, per the title of this post, I would strongly argue that the value with the MyVegas app lies outside of Vegas and much closer to home… at the Hippodrome casino in Leicester Square, London.

While the rewards in Vegas are solid, they require you to redeem quite a substantial number of loyalty points for some quite modest prizes.

The MyVegas Hippodrome rewards, on the other hand, offer consistently good value.

Just 3750 points will get you a beer…

myvegas hippodrome

While 11,250 points will get you a ticket at their (sometimes excellent) theatre, and 15,750 points will get you a steak at the excellent Heliot restaurant. ..

myvegas hippodrome

So, before you blithely assume that MyVegas rewards are best redeemed in Vegas, have a good look at what’s available closer to home. There could be a very good value beer and steak in it for you. 


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