I wrote earlier in the week about how you can earn triple British Airways Avios from Hilton stays at the moment.  Iberia Plus has now joined the party, but offering a better deal than that available through BA.

You can register for the Iberia triple Avios at Hilton offer here.

Just like with the BA offer, stays have to be between 15th October 2017 – 30th January 2018.

Remember that Hilton Honors allows you to ‘Double Dip’ – either by earning ‘Points + Points’ (P+P), or ‘Points + Miles’ (P+M) for your stays.

The additional Points you get for selecting P+P is 50% more base Points per Dollar, so 5 extra Hilton Honors Points per $1 spent. If you select P+M instead, you forego that extra 5 Hilton Points, and in most cases get 1 airline Mile of your choice per $1 spent instead.

Ordinarily, I would say that 5 Hilton Points are worth considerably more than 1 Avios (or Virgin Flying Club Miles or whatever you prefer), and so would recommend sticking with P+P.

When there’s a bonus on the number of airline Miles you can earn though, that can change the equation.  Triple Iberia Avios means 4.5 Avios per $1 spent at Hilton hotels. Most readers are likely to value 5 Hilton Points at about 2p and 4.5 Avios at about 4.5p, so this is definitely worth considering.

How is the Iberia Plus offer better?

For reasons unknown the standard earning rate with Hilton for BA Executive Club is 1 Avios per $1, whereas with Iberia Plus it’s more generous at 1.5 Avios per $1. When there’s a bonus like now, that difference is magnified.

How to get triple Avios

To take advantage, you need to change your earning preference from P+P to P+M – so login to your Hilton account, click on ‘edit preferences’, and then on ‘change earning style’. You then need to select Iberia Plus as your preferred earning partner, enter your membership number and you must also register for the triple Avios promotion on this page here.

The terms state that the bonus only applies to new bookings, but based on past experience I would expect bonus Avios for stays already booked – so long as the stay itself takes place by 30th January 2018.

But I don’t use Iberia Plus!

A common riposte. Earning Avios in Iberia Plus is as good as earning them with BA or Avios.com – you can “combine your Avios” between the programmes very easily online.



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