I recently stumbled upon one of those offers that is so good, you sort of sit around wondering what the catch is. However, there really does not appear to be one, so here is the full reveal…

The background

I was heading to London for a few days, and needed somewhere to work. I had a couple of options that involved a fair bit of logistical arrangement, when I suddenly remembered reading about the Virgin Money Lounge. I have a savings account with Virgin Money, so knew I was entitled to access them.

The options

There are lounges in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London (Haymarket and Eagle Place – both incredibly central), Manchester, Norwich and Sheffield.

virgin money lounge

I headed to the Lounge on Haymarket.

The experience

In short, it was fantastic. You have high speed wi-fi, various seating options and a decent range of refreshment options including teas and coffee, juices, biscuits and fruit.

virgin money lounge

Downstairs also comes with a lovely tough – the mock up of the inside of an aeroplane, with a big screen TV at the front that doubles up as a cinema.

virgin money lounge

There’s also a small games room, with a Playstation and other small toys for kids.

The toilets are spacious, well stocked and clean.

However, it really is the location that’s the standout point here. You’ve effectively got access to the most central of London offices. You are literally two minutes walk from Leicester Square.

I don’t know how busy this lounge gets – it was very quiet when I was there – but assuming it’s not teeming with people, this is an amazing resource. For anyone who needs access to a central London work space, it’s well worth considering. Frankly I’m not quite sure why anyone working on their own would need anything else! You can even sign other people in, so could actually have meetings in there.

How you can get lounge access

Well it’s very easy – just get a Virgin Money account. Any, with any amount from £1 in it. I’m not recommending the following product by any means, but put just £1 in it and the clearly mean interest rate is materially irrelevant:

virgin money lounge

Then register here for the actual lounge access, and you’re good to go. Obviously if a Virgin Money product actually works for you (as it does for me, for reasons I really won’t bore you with), then all the better.

virgin money lounge

You’ll even get a membership card, so you can easily be swiped in for subsequent visits.

Credit to Virgin for this. Businesses talk a lot about “caring for their customers” and other such buzz-phrases, that are all too often not backed up by anything tangible. This is a very clear example of genuine added value for Virgin Money account holders. 



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