Air Malta may not be one of the major players in UK aviation, but it offers a number of flights to Malta from various UK airports.

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The fact Air Malta is a premium airline means you get a checked baggage allowance included with your flight, and a modest-but-edible snack on the flight, plus a water (premium snacks are available to buy). Air Malta also recently introduced a “Go Light” option, with substantially cheaper fares, but no luggage allowance.

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If you fancy giving them and the delightful Malta a try, they are offering 30% off their cheapest “ordinary” fares (i.e. the fares that include the checked baggage – Air Malta refers to this fare class as “Go Smart”).

To benefit, there’s no need for an Air Malta promo code. You simply need to book between 00:00 (GMT+1) on Friday 24 November 2017 (i.e. it goes live tonight – Thursday 23 November – at 11pm UK time!) and 23:59 (GMT+1) on Monday 27 November. There does not appear to be any need for a promo code or similar.

air malta promo code

The promotion is valid for travel between​ 15 January 2018 and 15 March 2018 (both dates included).

What’s Malta like that time of year?

January to March is very much off-season in Malta (although it remains pleasantly mild, with plenty of sun), so fares are likely to be pretty good value anyway (returns are sometimes available for little more than £100). With a further 30% off, there really is the possibility of snaring a bargain.

For example, here’s a weekend in January at just over £100 on the “Go Smart” rate: that should be reduced by 30% from 11pm tonight…

air malta promo code

Add to that a Hilton room at €117 a night (see below), and you’ve really got yourself a bargain break!

Anything else?

Yes. You can also earn a further 2.6% cashback on the flight, through TopCashback.

You could also combine this offer rather neatly with the Hilton sale.

air malta promo code

The Hilton Malta is fantastic, genuinely one of the best core Hilton hotels out there, and can be booked for as little as €117 a night during the 30% off Air Malta flight offer period outlined above.


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